We Miss You Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Smile micahel jackson memorial

Today is the day we really say, ” We miss you Michael Jackson.June 25th, 2009 shocked the world as the announcement of Michael Jackson’s death swept over every radio and television station. Here we are 4 years later and we are still listening to his music and allowing his great musical legacy to move on. Of course nothing can give us back the MJ we all loved and adored but we can look at some great photos and listen to his music to remind us how amazing he was. Michael Jackson was not only a great performer who will forever be respected for his work but he was also an amazing artist with music to get you in the best mood. I know today is not the happiest day at all but we can still find a place of appreciation for all of his hard work. Check out michaeljacksonmusuem.com to see the most amazing pictures and information about the late and great Michael Jackson. Β Today does not have to be sad, we have access to so many memories to get us through the day! Go enjoy all of the Michael Jackson content, it’s sure to give you a great big smile!

micahel jackson death


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