Exclusive Interview With Artist CashPaid

cashpaidHopoffthis.com has the exclusive interview with artist CashPaid. This 20-year-old rap superstar is on his way to the top with his passion for music and support system behind him. Cashpaid has been rapping since the age of 14 but didn’t get a serious drive for music until the age of 18. Previously in a local Detroit group called Team Westside, he decided to take the solo route after about a year of sharing the spotlight. Cashpaid is currently an artist of BMB also know as Breaking Major Barriers, with popular label mates Trick Trick and Charlie Baltimore. Cashpaid is affiliated with the brand Avion who sponsors a clothing line called Enjoy Detroit SBOY.

These movement shirts are giving a positive message of cleaning the community and giving back. With the exclusive release of his 1st single ” Crazy” his music video shoot went awesome with a lot of support from his friends, family, label and fans.  ” Something Gotta Shake” mixtape coming soon so make sure you guys stay on the look out for that! Cashpaid is an awesome upcoming artist with a  concrete plan to be successful.  He couldn’t wait to state his appreciation to everyone, ” To my fans and support system, I wanna thank them for the support, love and appreciation of my music.”

Cashpaid crazy Hungry artist are always fun to follow, so check out his music video for his 1st single “Crazy” produced by RJ Lamont. This video is hot, shot and edited by CT Films!!!!!!

Click Below To Watch The Video ” Crazy” !

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