Make Up That Changes Your Life

Donovan LamarWe all want make up that changes your life ! Well has found one of the most talented celebrity make-up artist on the market. Donovan Lamar is currently beating faces and leaving his stamp in states across the USA. Donovan attended Guilford College as a graphic design major and that’s where he discovered his true artistic talent.  Looking at this flawless make-up has proven that anything is possible, especially with appearance. According to his bio ,”

“Now, as a makeup artist, Donovan brings a professional attitude, an artistic eye, a sense of fun, and impeccable attention to detail to every job. In addition to his broad range of talent and expertise, He brings his dynamic qualities to his work, balancing devotion and professionalism with a sense of excitement and creativity. He continues to do makeup and last but certainly not least, he is constantly striving to learn, grow, and expand his awareness.”

“Being creative as well as finding and enhancing the perfection in people is my passion and purpose.”

Donovan can fix any blemish with his brush and tools, also known as make-up.  Donovan’s Instagram has racked up some familiar celebrity faces and they waste no time to put up the beautiful pictures after they job is done.  Just to name a few of these beauties,  Draya from basketball wives LA and owner of Fine Ass Girls clothing line, Teyanna Taylor, Lil Kim and Detroit’s own luxury entertainer Mizhani have all been glammed by Donovan Lamar. It must be nice to be an amazing make-up artist, giving confidence to people in so many different ways then one. This man has a gift and i’m all for glamour! Keep it up Donovan, hopefully he can make is way to Detroit because this is definitely a must have experience in my book!

Check Out His Website and follow his Instagram Donovanlamar also follow his make-up page princeofblending !

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