Queen Virgin Remy Hair

QueenVirginRemyHopoffthis.Com has the scoop on some of the hottest hair extensions by Queen Virgin Remy Hair! Talk about a great quality of hair, It was such a wonderful experience going to the Southfield location in Michigan to enjoy great sounds and conversation at the ultimate grand opening September 14th, 2013. The beautiful Mena Monroe & Amiyah Scott were a wonderful treat to meet as i got the opportunity to take pictures and ask questions about the company. Queen Virgin Remy opened July 31st, 2013 and the journey to success has been exciting. The first location was opened in Atlanta, GA and the second location is located in Southfield, MI. Dennis McKinley has taken his vision for the idea of locations for quality hair to be accessible everywhere and made it a reality. Queen Virgin Remy sells all types of hair including, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Eurasian, Russian Blonde, Mongolian and Indian.

MenaMonroeNot only was the event a success, getting an up close and personal feel for the product was more than properly executed. Branching off to more locations and nation wide success is ย definitely in the future for Queen Virgin Remy. ” We have a good quality product at the lowest prices in the country, you don’t have to go broke to look good.” I agree 100% and Queen Virgin Remy has been approved by


Make sure you check out the website www.QueenVirginRemy.Com also follow them on Instagram at QueenVirginRemy and QueenVirginRemySouthField.


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