Rhare Footage

RhareFootageTshirtHopoffthis.Com had the opportunity to attend the Rhare Footage launch party and it was pretty impressive. Beautiful set up, full bar and an amazing DJ put me in mood to find out what is this ” Rhare Footage” and how can I get my hands on it! The creator Brandon Smith was very happy to express how Rhare Footage was created and what  the name of the line actually means. ” 2 years ago the idea was created, but Titus Johnson helped me bring every idea to life.” It’s amazing to see the passion behind an idea come to life and that’s exactly what Rhare Footage displays as a whole. “ Rhare Footage means that everyone will be different, everyone won’t have what you have because its high quality, low quantity.” A year from now Rhare Footage plans to be nationwide, so make sure you guys check out the online store RhareFootage.Com. When it comes to the supporters, Brandon Smith wanted to make sure he let everyone know how thankful he is for the support, ” I appreciate all the supporters, from family, friends and strangers, thank you so much.”

Well I love my crewneck and I will be wearing it through the winter, it is so warm and stylish. Want to purchase one for yourself? Check out the links below!


Follow them on Instagram: RhareFootage

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