Interview Sno

andyHopoffthis.Com got the opportunity to interview Sno, also known as Andy LaRocksta from Pontiac, MI. He’s an amazing rap artist on his way to the top. “I’ve been rapping for 15 years and I started making music because it’s my passion.”

There’s been so much buzz going on about the BET UFF competition that allows artist to go head to head in rap battle rounds worth 10,000 to the ultimate winner at the end. So far Sno has won the first round and he is well on his way as he  gave his completion and nice freestyle beating.
“I went on B.E.T freestyle Friday after they hand-picked me along with 7 other M.C’s for a tournament.”

We all wanna know where we can hear more of his music and get some downloads so we can get a feel for his style.
“I have music projects I’m currently working on but a lot of music of mine you can find at search Larocksta.”

Michigan as a whole is on the rise with business and support from one another and Hopoffthis.Com just wanted to get conformation that he does support where he comes from proudly. There is a clothing line called Smoking Virgins taking over Michigan with its cool representations and free meaning, definitely something Sno could perform in to represent Michigan on stage.

“I support Smoking Virgins , I support Michigan as whole.”

Hopoffthis.Com will be following and supporting the Larocksta movement!

Did you miss the battle? Check it out below.


Also you can Follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook:



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