Interview With Cash Fashion

 cashfashionHopoffthis.Com got the chance to get an interview with Cash Fashion. The weather is about to break and Hopoffthis.Com loves to keep up with all the hottest clothing lines. Not only are the pieces unique, the colors are bright when it comes to switching up ” the look”, this line came right on time for summer.

Can you state your name and age?
“My name is Marcus Collins Known as “Cash” I’m 22 years old. “
Where do you attend school, what year are you in and what is your major?
“I attend Wayne State University, I’m a current Junior, majoring in criminal justice/ fashion.”
Can you explain how you started Cash Fashion?
“I started Cash-fashion with a dream I had, honestly. In this dream I was having so much fun. I had my own clothing line and was producing models that never had the chance to really express their talent. So I’m willing to give people that second chance to make their dream come true. When I woke up I had to make it into reality. From then, I’ve been trying to stay humble and live that dream as well as help create my models and staff’s dreams too.”
What is the motto behind your brand, what do you want people to understand when they hear the name Cash Fashion?
“Our Motto is one Vision, the reason being is because everyone on the team has talent, that focuses on one dream. Everybody wants to make it and be successful. So we put all of our talent into one vision. When people hear Cash Fashion, I want people to look at it as a Humble vision. We want people to understand that we are here for the people creating  different fashions and new trends.”cashfashionlogo
Tell me about your shirts, whats the inspiration behind the design?
“This first project that I have now (of the graphic lady with different color lipstick)came about because of this generation of ladies nowadays ware different color lipstick. Since that’s the “trend” now, we decided to focus on that and cater to what we thought the people might like.”
How many models do you currently have and are you looking for more?
“I currently have 7 models, we just shut our open applications down April 1st and we have a lot of new models interested. “
Anything you want to say to your fans and supporters?
“We just want to thank everyone for the support, it has been real. All the supporters are apart of making my dream come true. We are currently coming up with more  designs for the public, so be looking out for the next line to drop soon.”
All your social networks?
Follow us on Instagram @cfandmc,
Follow me on Instagram @obey__cash 
Vice CEO @theedomo_
Any up coming projects to look forward to?
“We have a lot of new things on the table so be on the look out, we aren’t stopping anytime soon.”
Hopoffthis.Com supports Cash Fashion all the way. Support is important when persuing a enterpunership, i wish you guys the best of luck. Don’t miss out on the new t-shirts that drop tomorrow, they look amazing!


Floral Delight

Floral DelightHopoffthis.Com is so ready for spring and the floral delight! That’s correct, Hopoffthis.Com will be reveling great fabulous finds to get you in gear for the beautiful weather. What says flowers in full bloom are on your mind like a floral print strap-less dress? One of the most convent and cots efficient  outfits available to bring out the Spring in your heart. Don’t forget the sale going on right now at GoJane.Com, you really don’t want to miss out!

Valentines Day Snatch

ValentinesDayA Valentine’s Day Snatch that’s bound to turn heads on that magical day! The gladiator fuchsia heel is really something to fall in love with. Women love to walk that walk and talk that talk, but when it comes complete in shoe, that’s the best feeling in the world! If you haven’t already started getting in the spirit, swing over to GoJane.Com and check out some hot outfit, shoe and accessory ideas for the day of love. Even if you’re spending Valentine’s day alone, you might as well walk with your head high in some amazing heels!

Enjoy February and remember, ” Valentines day is just another day if love already lives in your heart, let it enhance the happiness you already have, not create it. “- Hopoffthis


Rhare Footage

RhareFootageTshirtHopoffthis.Com had the opportunity to attend the Rhare Footage launch party and it was pretty impressive. Beautiful set up, full bar and an amazing DJ put me in mood to find out what is this ” Rhare Footage” and how can I get my hands on it! The creator Brandon Smith was very happy to express how Rhare Footage was created and what  the name of the line actually means. ” 2 years ago the idea was created, but Titus Johnson helped me bring every idea to life.” It’s amazing to see the passion behind an idea come to life and that’s exactly what Rhare Footage displays as a whole. “ Rhare Footage means that everyone will be different, everyone won’t have what you have because its high quality, low quantity.” A year from now Rhare Footage plans to be nationwide, so make sure you guys check out the online store RhareFootage.Com. When it comes to the supporters, Brandon Smith wanted to make sure he let everyone know how thankful he is for the support, ” I appreciate all the supporters, from family, friends and strangers, thank you so much.”

Well I love my crewneck and I will be wearing it through the winter, it is so warm and stylish. Want to purchase one for yourself? Check out the links below!


Follow them on Instagram: RhareFootage

Beauty Has Reached New Levels With Jus Couture

20130802-173332.jpgBeauty has reached new levels with Jus Couture and it is definitely something to be excited about. Hopoffthis got the opportunity to interview the owner of Jus Couture and got some great insight on this fabulous line.  Jessika White is 19 years old and doing amazing things with her brand, ideas and accessory line called Jus Couture.


There are so many different aspects to Jus Couture but her exciting creation called lipglaze takes the win. ” Let me make my own lip gloss since I like making things.” She not only knows how to make her own products, she has taken on new heights by promoting, selling and pursuing the path of a successful business woman. ” It was the best thing ever created, Lipglaze.” Jessika has the utmost confidence in her work and in her line and that’s what makes things beautiful, strength and confidence. Make sure you check out her website and follow her company Instagram @_juscouture.


If you want to get to know more about Jessika you can also follow her personally@_luxuryjess on twitter and instagram. The up and coming couture fashion show is Saturday August 3rd at Wayne State University and you don’t want to miss it! 15 of the best Detroit designers and many more will gather together to express the passion and dream of Jus Couture. Jessika is a passionate young lady with a bright future and i look forward to her future plans to open up her own store and put together another fashion show! Check out the Exclusive interview directed by CT Films below!

Vonnie Cavalli Is Smoking Hot!

20130722-135352.jpgVonnie Cavalli is smoking hot! This unisex clothing line is making its way to the top and has no intention of slowing down. Ivana Booker popularly known as Vonnie Cavalli has big dreams for her brand.


Urban wear and casual wear are the main focus of Vonnie Cavalli, with an online website called The online store sells shirts,leggings,jeans and accessories. Mens clothes are coming soon so make you stay updated by following her on Instagram: Iamvonniecavalli. Vonnie not only opened this boutique with a plan to expand her brand to Atlanta, Cali and even international, she also has a


20130722-135341.jpgclothing line called Vonnie Cavalli available for purchase. I absolutely love this brand and the awesome colors, it just screams high-end fashion. I see big things coming from Vonnie Cavalli, so make sure you check it out!

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