The Business Of Fortune

The Business Of Fortune

fortunecookieOne random Tuesday evening, my cousin and I stopped for Thai/Chinese. The food was

pretty good actually, but as always to my surprise, along with the check came fortune

cookies. That same apprehensive, yet daunting feeling came over me. This feeling always

presents the same question: “will this fortune actually make sense?” After my cousin

cracked open her cookie and read her fortune to herself, I opened and read mine. It

read: “It is time to finish some unfinished business.” “Thank GOD I didn’t get one of those

stupid ‘treat the present like a gift’ type fortunes!” I thought. Now, as customary with any

message of fait brought to you; it’s arbitrary in that you can interpret and connect it with

anything you want. So, safe to say, this fortune made the most sense in connection with my

ex and how over him I wasn’t. I started…but I didn’t complete the process.

My uncle, who was also at the table opened up his own fortune cookie only to find that his

was empty. Outraged, we called upon our waiter to bring him another. Instead of just one,

our waiter gave us many and placed them in a bag along with our leftovers.

It wasn’t until much later, somewhere around 2 a.m., that I discovered the new set of

fortunes, I mean cookies. While my Pad Thai was reheating in the microwave, I cracked

open a new cookie. Now, I have a strange way of thinking: if you open one fortune cookie,

that’s the fortune you have to keep. The second one doesn’t count. That is, unless you’re me

this particular night and you get the exact same fortune twice. Yes, my eyes scanned “It is

time to finish some unfinished business,” once more. I shrieked, “woah!” But, then I started

to think, “why on earth would I get this fortune twice? I got the hint! I’m going to reach out

to him!”

I didn’t really hit me until two days later –after endless mock speeches and looking

back in my mental archives of past speeches to him– that I was indeed repeating myself

and any hope of actually getting through to him would have required rebirth in another

world. I would have to literally not be myself at all. “WE ARE JUST NOT SUPPOSED TO BE;


“So,” I thought. “It’s been three years since we first broke up, and 10 months since our

second break up, and yet I’m still trying to convince him of my undying affection…what’s

wrong here?” Then, after I took Beyoncé’s “Why don’t you love me” off repeat, I realized

that I, being a person of sound mind must have, at some point, been in the process of

getting over him. Perhaps I got two of the same fortune for each time we broke-up and

abandoned my efforts of moving-on go to try and bring him back into my world. And this

was either a reiteration that we needed to have yet another talk to rekindle the real, end-
all be-all truth that we could make it work, or the two fortunes were a double negative. The

unfinished business wasn’t starting again, but ending the end.

In life we are constantly confronted with the same situation because we haven’t done the

one thing we never though we needed to. In my case, I collectively viewed our moments of

reconnection as a sign of inseparability. When, in fact, it was sign that I should be able to

see him and not see yesterday. Business finished. Lights out.

Written By: Charles Ellis


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Rihanna In Another Bikini

rihanna sexy

rihanna bikiniWe all love to see Rihanna in another bikini. This hot mama showed off her sexy skin with a white on white two piece. Although her cover up is mesh, giving a  preview of everything, that style just screamed smoking hot on the beach.  A beautiful body chain to accent her waist, showing off her chest tatto with a brown visor just simply says, ” I’m hot and i know it.”  To top it off, the beach babe completed her outfit with a cool pair of white shades. We all just love you in bikini’s Rihanna, it just sends rays of sunshine across the world.

Here are a few other great looks from Rihanna in her banging bikinis!

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