Are Your 2015 New Year Resolutions Cliche?

Happy New Year From Hopoffthis.Com! But, are your 2015 New Year Resolutions cliché? When you hear the word ” Cliche” 9 times out of ten people never want to put themselves in that category, but trust and believe its possible.  Just so we’re all on the same page here,

2015 new year

” Cliche- a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.”

So, are you already questioning what you’ve promised to change or improve for the new year?

Let’s go over a few that are highly overused and abused new year resolutions.

1. I will work out/ lose weight.

Make sure your actually trying to lose weight, not mentally preparing to say it again in 2016. Are you going to change your eating habits? What about this phrase excites you to get up and do something for yourself?

2. I’m going to travel the world this year.

Traveling is so expensive, including passports, tickets, and anything else you need to do it. Has this been your go to phrase? When is the last time you’ve even been 5 hours away from home. If your going to travel, it’s ok to start small and progress.

3. I wanna change the way I dress!

You could have done that yesterday. Fashion does not mean empty your pockets for the most expensive thing you can find. People use this as a new years resolution to feel better. You are dressing the way you want, right now. Why wait till the new year, to only dress the same in 2 days? Go thrifting, actually go purchase something you would never wear and try it out.

4. I’m cutting the drama out of my life this year.

Stop right there. Even mentioning this out loud means you are full of drama yourself. At any point in time you have the power to change what you allow. Here you are again stating what you’re gonna do this year with certain people. You will have this same conversation, in 2016, with the same people if you wait on a new year to change these habits.

Bottom line people, change doesn’t start because of a new year. Do what you love, embrace your faults and work towards positivity and changing them. You don’t have to feel empty because you didn’t run on the treadmill the first of the year. It’s OK. Pick a day to start and just go. Your results will give you satisfaction in the end but you actually have to start somewhere.

I hope you guys have a wonderful beginning, even if you don’t start today.

Come back to Hopoffthis.Com, we have a new years resolution to stick to this year as well!!

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Happy 2015.

DJBJ 3525 World

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 4.25.07 has the exclusive on DJBJ 3525 World ! One of the hottest Dj’s in the streets right now and pressing to top through business ventures, confidence and an all around hard work ethic. Hearing the name “Lucky Jackson” aka “DJBJ 3525” rings bells when it comes to the hottest clubs, music and clothing. Not only has DJBJ established his brand as a well-known Dj, working at the hottest radio station known as Hot 1075 in Detroit MI, but has also evolved into a multi revenue business man. A hard worker takes a opportunity and makes it into a well-rounded work of greatness and that’s exactly what happened in late June 2013, when he opened his store called ” 3525 World” located inside of GreenField Plaza, Suite 235 in Southfield MI. While interviewing DJBJ 3525, I got a great insight on what he plans to do next with the success of his brand.   “When people think of 3525, it represents Detroit. I’m in the process of taking over the world, this is an outlet for everybody.” This is not just a Detroit thing, its way deeper than that. Come shop, enjoy yourself, it’s plenty of items here.”

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 4.25.30 PMAlthough DJBJ 3525 is currently based in Detroit, branching off into other states is definitely in the works. Not only is DJBJ 3525 running one of the hottest spots to shop he also just finished a documentary called , ” Life Of A Dj Part One” where he allows his fans to get up close and personal with his fast paced lifestyle. Last but not least DJBJ 3525 just released a mixtape called “Pay Attention Volume 8′ which you can download off I’m such a fan of a hard worker and DJBJ 3525 has surpassed the bar when it comes to handling business. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next from 3525 world, make sure you guys checkout the online store DJBJ3525.ComYou can follow him on Instagram @DJBJ3525 or @3525World to stay updated!

Life Of A Dj Part One

Make Up That Changes Your Life

Donovan LamarWe all want make up that changes your life ! Well has found one of the most talented celebrity make-up artist on the market. Donovan Lamar is currently beating faces and leaving his stamp in states across the USA. Donovan attended Guilford College as a graphic design major and that’s where he discovered his true artistic talent.  Looking at this flawless make-up has proven that anything is possible, especially with appearance. According to his bio ,”

“Now, as a makeup artist, Donovan brings a professional attitude, an artistic eye, a sense of fun, and impeccable attention to detail to every job. In addition to his broad range of talent and expertise, He brings his dynamic qualities to his work, balancing devotion and professionalism with a sense of excitement and creativity. He continues to do makeup and last but certainly not least, he is constantly striving to learn, grow, and expand his awareness.”

“Being creative as well as finding and enhancing the perfection in people is my passion and purpose.”

Donovan can fix any blemish with his brush and tools, also known as make-up.  Donovan’s Instagram has racked up some familiar celebrity faces and they waste no time to put up the beautiful pictures after they job is done.  Just to name a few of these beauties,  Draya from basketball wives LA and owner of Fine Ass Girls clothing line, Teyanna Taylor, Lil Kim and Detroit’s own luxury entertainer Mizhani have all been glammed by Donovan Lamar. It must be nice to be an amazing make-up artist, giving confidence to people in so many different ways then one. This man has a gift and i’m all for glamour! Keep it up Donovan, hopefully he can make is way to Detroit because this is definitely a must have experience in my book!

Check Out His Website and follow his Instagram Donovanlamar also follow his make-up page princeofblending !

We Miss You Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Smile micahel jackson memorial

Today is the day we really say, ” We miss you Michael Jackson.June 25th, 2009 shocked the world as the announcement of Michael Jackson’s death swept over every radio and television station. Here we are 4 years later and we are still listening to his music and allowing his great musical legacy to move on. Of course nothing can give us back the MJ we all loved and adored but we can look at some great photos and listen to his music to remind us how amazing he was. Michael Jackson was not only a great performer who will forever be respected for his work but he was also an amazing artist with music to get you in the best mood. I know today is not the happiest day at all but we can still find a place of appreciation for all of his hard work. Check out to see the most amazing pictures and information about the late and great Michael Jackson.  Today does not have to be sad, we have access to so many memories to get us through the day! Go enjoy all of the Michael Jackson content, it’s sure to give you a great big smile!

micahel jackson death